Transactional Loans

fundingAre you looking for hard money lenders Houston that offer a variety of quick and reliable financing options? You’ve come to the right place. At Quick Lending, we pride ourselves in giving borrowers plenty of top-tier financing options. We’ll never make you choose from a few financial solutions that may not meet your needs. Instead, we’ll provide you with many different financing options that can be customized to your situation.

Our transactional loan program is one of the most popular solutions we offer. It is specifically designed to provide investors with short-term capital so they can quickly close deals. The unique structure of this type of financing makes it possible for you, as the borrower, to receive the money you need within one business day. Due to its speed, transactional financing is also known as Flash Funding or One-Day Bridge Loans.


Benefits of Transactional Loans

When you receive transactional loans from qualified hard money lenders Houston TX, you can rest assured that you can close a last-minute deal and won’t have to wait days or weeks for funding. Here are a few additional benefits to this program:

  • Ability to close on a property without relying on your capital
  • Approval depends on your contracts rather than your credit score
  • You may have the edge over other buyers when you can come up with the cash you need within one day
  • You can close on the property in question very quickly
  • You can receive up to 100% financing of your purchase, including closing costs

If your credit score isn’t as good as you’d like it to be, you still have a great chance of qualifying for a transactional loan from hard money lenders Houston. As highly skilled hard money lenders in Texas, we enjoy giving lenders an easy and quick alternative to traditional loans. Transactional funding are commonly used to help real estate investors finish back-to-back closings, especially those that occur on the same day. This funding makes it possible to maintain a great deal of financial flexibility so you can close multiple deals with minimal hassle and minimal waiting time.


Situations When Transactional Loans Are Ideal

Here’s how the transactional loan process works in many situations:

  • The investor or wholesaler finds a seller who agrees to sell at a below-market purchase price.
  • When the investor or wholesaler locates an end buyer who wants to purchase the property at a higher price than the investor paid, they sign a new purchase agreement to close on the same day.
  • The investor or wholesaler uses a transactional loan to purchase the property from the seller.
  • Once both transactions are finished, the investor or wholesaler repays the transactional loan using proceeds from the second, same-day transaction. The investor keeps the difference as profit.

Transactional loans may not be the right solution for every situation. However, there are clear circumstances when this type of lending may be preferred. It’s most commonly applied to real investment and is a great solution for real estate investors, house flippers, and REO investors. If you fall into one of these categories, you may want to talk to private money lenders about transactional financing and how it can benefit you.


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