Commercial Loans

Get Significant Capital for Commercial Real Estate and Business Expansion

Trying to qualify for traditional term loans can be a frustrating experience for many business owners. Many banks have over-the-top requirements that expect perfection. At Quick Lending, we prefer to help Texas businesses grow with flexible commercial financing. As trusted hard money lenders Houston, we have a great reputation with local corporations and small businesses.


Commercial Loans You Can Trust

In addition to providing hard money loans for real estate developers, because we are located in Houston, we offer a variety of commercial financing options for owner-occupied properties in Texas. The best terms for your business depend on your goals and credit history, but our attractive commercial loans always provide several benefits:

  • Easier qualifying: You don’t need perfect credit to qualify for commercial loans. In general, we look for businesses with a credit score of 580, but we’re willing to make exceptions when we find passionate entrepreneurs.
  • Faster processing: Don’t feel like waiting two to three months for traditional financing? We don’t blame you. Most of our asset-based commercial loan options are ready to go in a week or two. Business partners that have worked with us in the past can receive an approval even faster.
  • Better LTV: We offer excellent loan-to-value ratios for commercial financing and hard money loans. That way, you get plenty of capital for expansion, real estate acquisition, and other business needs.
  • Lower interest rates: Hard money loans indeed have a higher interest rate than SBA financing or conventional loans. This is part of the trade-off for the convenience and speed you get with asset-based lending. At Quick Lending, our interest rates are among the best in the industry for commercial financing.

Some business owners shy away from hard money lenders because they’re uncomfortable with alternative financing. Our extensive local lending experience can help put you at ease. Whether you operate a large manufacturing company or a small retail business, we have excellent financial solutions to help.


Financing To Purchase Great Commercial Property

Getting the commercial property of your dreams can have a major impact on your business. An attractive location represents your business well, highlighting your professionalism, quality, and experience. When you work with trustworthy hard money lenders Texas, it’s easy to close quickly when the ideal property appears.


Capital for Office Remodeling

Some entrepreneurs have owned the same commercial property for decades. When it comes down to commercial real estate financing from hard money lenders Houston, it can breathe new life into your brand identity. Get significant capital to redesign interiors. Give your office the right ambiance to appeal to your target audience.


Hard Money Loans for Expansion

Another way to use capital from private money lenders is to expand your production capacity. Manufacturing businesses can add space for more processing lines, and repair shops can benefit from room to service extra vehicles. Our commercial loans allow you to invest in many types of physical expansion for your business.


Customized Business Financing Solutions

Many companies choose our outstanding commercial loans to finance their immediate and long-term needs. We tailor every loan to your specific circumstances. Discover for yourself why so many Texas business owners trust us. Learn more about commercial loans from expert hard money lenders in Houston by contacting our team right away.

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