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Experienced and beginner investors alike in the Missouri City, Texas, area have a convenient place to access capital for their ventures quickly. Quick Lending, a hard money lender in Missouri City, TX, has a local branch with knowledgeable staff specializing in complex and simple hard money loans. Also known as fix-and-flip loans, hard money loans are short-term loans that allow quick access to cash to invest in real estate. This arrangement helps investors grab quality investments before someone else does. Discover more about hard money loans in the Missouri City area and how to use one to realize profits.

About Quick Lending in Missouri City, Texas

Quick Lending provides flexible loan terms and closings that are much faster than traditional banks. We can help investors in the Missouri City area access money to buy, rehabilitate, and resell residential properties like single-family and multi-family homes.

Since time is money, fix-and-flip investments with shorter periods are often more profitable. This situation is where hard money loans from Quick Lending can help. They close in days and have flexible terms. Most loans are six to 18 months, but extensions may be possible for long-term projects. 

Our finance experts will help you crunch the numbers and help you select the best option. We can also help you determine essential factors in determining profitability like After Repaired Value (ARV).

Quick Lending finances properties through collateral-backed loans, including commercial, rental, and multi-family properties. Five types of hard money loans are available:

  • Bridge loans bridge a gap, enabling investors to access cash to close a deal quickly or cover expenses between deals.
  • Transactional loans are sometimes only a day or a few days, helping investors complete back-to-back deals.
  • Rental loans can have 30-year terms, keeping payments low so that investors have the flexibility to repair and improve properties or pursue more purchases.
  • Commercial loans help investors buy or improve business properties.
  • Owner-financed loans allow those with credit issues to access private funds where typical financing isn’t possible.
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Hard Money Lenders in Missouri City, Texas

Investors looking to secure a loan for their next real estate purchase have a few options, including a hard money loan. Since the real estate value backs hard money loans, they are easier to secure than signature loans and much faster to close than conventional mortgages. Closing is typically in a few days versus over a month for mortgages. Investors also have to jump through fewer hoops to secure approval and close hard money loans. 

Hard money loans often get paid off within a year or less after the investment property is improved and sold. While closing costs, interest rates, and origination fees are commonly higher for hard money loans than traditional mortgages, they are short-term loans by design and allow quick access to cash. 

Individuals can finance these investments through hard money loans, conventional mortgages, or the investor’s primary home to get a home equity loan. Down payments are higher than traditional residential mortgages, with down payments of 15% to 25% commonly needed to secure lower interest rates and expedite approval.

Quick Lending can help you pursue profitable real estate ventures. Quick access to funds for a prompt closing is needed in today’s competitive market to take advantage of the latest deals.

Hard Money Lending Services: Missouri City, TX Customer Reviews

Wil S.

Best lenders I personally do business with. They have a great staff that has helped me through some of the toughest deals. As an investor, it’s great to have a go to lender that you can count on, that are quick and effective. They stay true to their name, when time is of the essence you can count on them for a quick closing. For sellers, sometimes the time frame is what’s of upmost importance to them and you can stand out from the competition when you can assure them they’ll have their money in 5-7 days (title permitting). There is so many great things I can say about QuickLending. Give them a try on one deal and you’ll be hooked

Mitzi Childress

These guys are great and even offer loans under $80k.

Justin Long

Quick Lending is a flexible, responsive and quick lender!! Need speed to close a deal? They are right for you!!

Quick Lending

Services that we offer in Missouri City, TX

Quick Lending is here to provide you with fast available funds when it comes to all sorts of real estate investing. Whether you’re a resident of Missouri City, TX, or one of the surrounding towns, our services can help you secure the financing you need when you need it. You often don’t have a lot of time to waste in real estate investing, which is why our priority is getting you your funds fast. Our financial services include:

What Is a Hard Money Lender?

A hard money lender is a private business that grants short-term asset-backed loans. The private lenders work with their clients to examine business deals and plan the best way to finance the investment. Hard money lenders set up their approval criteria, enabling them to be more responsive to consumer needs than traditional banks. Hard money lenders can quickly close loans and help real estate investors take advantage of good deals in the marketplace.

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Why Would You Use a Hard Money Lender?

Hard money lenders can provide fast cash where traditional banks may not be able to help or would require a lengthy approval process. Hard money loans are short term in nature, sometimes only having terms of months or even days depending on the deal being financed. Hard money lenders look more at the value of the property being funded than the borrower’s credit details, enabling more investors to enter the business marketplace.

Why Do People in Missouri City, Texas, Benefit From Hard Money Loans?

In addition to a quick closing and flexible terms, Missouri City-area residents benefit from working with loan experts who know the ins and outs of real estate financing and innovative ways to make investment profits easier to realize. With a typical home valued at $342,242, Missouri City’s home values are growing along with the city’s population, making it an excellent place for investing. Transparency throughout the steps of applying, analyzing potential deals, and closing loans is a definite benefit. Hard money loans can be a critical factor in the success of flipping a house, investing in real estate, or buying commercial property.

Why Visit Quick Lending in Missouri City, Texas

Quick Lending’s experienced staff can help you go over the details of potential real estate investments, helping you find the best way to secure financing quickly, maximize profits, and successfully sell investment properties. We have financed several different types of hard money loans, ranging from terms of days to years. These loans cover residential properties, rentals, and commercial properties, and they bridge the gap between sales. Residents of Missouri City and neighboring communities have a finance partner that can find the best options for their situation and offer transparency with fees and rates.

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For more information on a hard money loan or to start the process, contact Quick Lending via our secure and convenient online form or call 346-200-1232. Our approach has four easy steps from start to finish: 

  • Fill out the contact us form to start the conversation.
  • Meet with your loan officer to review your goals and receive feedback on the best options for your investment opportunity.
  • Work with the loan officer with complete transparency to submit your paperwork.
  • Receive your loan and realize your investment potential

Frequently Asked Questions about Hard Money Lenders in Missouri City, TX

Do you have a question about our hard money loans in Missouri City, TX? Below are some answers to frequently asked questions.

What sort of interest rate do you offer on your private money loans?

Interest rates vary depending on the type of loan and your personal financial history. Typically, the shorter the loan term, the higher the rate. Contact us today to learn more about the specific type of rate you can receive.

Are there any additional fees?

Yes, there are a few additional fees. We include all of our fees, such as processing and valuation fees, in all of the documentation we provide you with your loan. This way, there are no surprises, and you know exactly what you’re paying before you sign anything.

How much can I borrow from hard money lenders in Missouri City?

This also varies depending on your financial situation. Typically, we’ll loan up to 75% of a property’s After Repair Value (ARV). At this time, however, we do not have a minimum or maximum loan amount.

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