Ofrecemos una variedad de préstamos para ajustarnos mejor a tus objetivos.

Hard Money Loans in Houston

Whether you are an established or novice investor, you may be looking to expand your portfolio through the use of a loan. While there are several different loan types available to help you purchase a residential or commercial property, hard money loans may be the best choice for you.

Hard money lenders Houston offers quicker financing and easier qualification processes than traditional lenders. Hard money loans is a type of financing through which borrowers receive funds secured by the real property the loan is being used to purchase. Because our private money lenders understand that no two borrowers’ needs are alike, they offer several financing options designed to meet a variety of conditions. While we will work with you directly to guide you toward the option that will best help you meet your goals, you can get an idea of each below.

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are one of the most common types of loans our hard money lenders Houston, TX, originate. Bridge loans are quick to process and short term and designed to get investors the money they need fast. Whereas traditional mortgage loans can take 45 days or more to process, we can process a bridge loan in as little as a few days. This type of loan is ideal if you want to catch a hot property before someone else does or if you need a stop-gap between sales.

Transactional Loans

Transactional loans, also known as “same-day funding” or “flash cash,” are very short-term loans that real estate wholesalers often use to conduct double closings or other back-to-back transactions. The most common type of back-to-back transaction entails buying and selling the same property in a very short time frame. More often than not, borrowers repay transactional loans on the same day, but sometimes the in-between transaction takes more than a day to complete. In these cases, borrowers may have up to a week to repay the loan.

Rental Loans

Though rental properties can be a great source of passive income, most investors cannot afford them outright. Our hard money lenders Texas originate 30-year rental mortgages for investors who have their eyes on distressed properties or who want to purchase multiple properties at once. Unlike with a 15-year rental loan, a 30-year loan does not stick you with a high monthly payment but rather leaves you with enough available near-term cash to renovate a property or invest in multiple properties in a short amount of time. Qualifying for this type of loan depends on several factors, including property debt to potential income, property value, and your creditworthiness.

Préstamos Comerciales

Whether you wish to expand your existing commercial space or acquire a new one, our hard money lenders Houston have the financing you need to help your business grow. Why rent from someone else when your business can own its property and transform it into the exact space you envision?

Préstamos de Financiamiento al Dueño

If certain obstacles, such as poor credit, self-employment or a previous foreclosure, are preventing you from getting a home loan, talk to our hard money lenders Houston about owner financed loans. These loans come with far less stringent qualifications than typical mortgages and can help you secure your dream property quickly.